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Many women suffer from premenstrual symptoms. Medical authorities divide this state, which is seen as hysteria by some people, into four types. Find out which "Type“ you belong to and how you can effectively cope with your complaints.

Some women don’t feel very well in the second half ot their period. They get angry wey easily, their morale goes down to the minimum, breasts develpe tension, craving for sweets can’t be prevented and spots burst out. Medical authorities distinguish four "Ailment-types“ according to their symptoms. Check for yourself which cathegory suits you best and and what can be most helpful for you. A small advise: Because body and mind compatibility may differ from woman to woman, you need patience for the treatment. Success generally comes after more than one month’s period.

Type A: A Type anxious women can easily get anxious during the days before their periods. Most of the things they react to in a calm way suddenly seems trathening and out of control.
Type B: B Type hyperhydrated women especially have complaints about oedema: Their weight increases, they find themselves fat and unshapely, they suffer from breast tension.
Type C: C Type craving women develop an abnormal appetite a short time before their periods: Above all sweets cause real fits of craving.
Type D: D Type sensitive, deperssive women are especially oversensitive during this period, they burst into tears even in the face of the smallest things.






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