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The pregnant should protect her back

Stay mobile with the belly.

One third of pregnant women have back pain complaints. The best way to prevent such problems is to keep a correct posture in daily life. We will show you which exercises will be useful for your spine.

The preagnant’s back pains can be unbarable in some days. The reason for this, first of all, is weight constraint: The baby is gradually growing up and getting heawy. Due to this the spine is under increasing pressure every month.

Pregnant women just before birth carry with them an extra weight between 6-7 kilograms in addition to the increasing body weight together with the baby, the water, the placenta, enlarged uterus and milk producing breasts.


The strength of the spine reduces

"Hormonal changes are also responsible for back pains. Because, this way it helps loosen the joints and cartilages ", says Dr. Wolfgang Henrich, Charité, the chief of staff at the Birth Clinic (Virchow-Clinic) in Berlin. The adventage this provides is that, the baby can “slide“ through the pelvis more easily, because the pelvis also loosens. However, the disadventage of this is that, the strnght of the spine reduces. The body tries to balance the reduced strength with additional muscle strength. The result of this is not only the fact that muscles get tired very quickly but especially painful muscle contractions.

Stay mobile with the belly

In order to prevent back pain, it is important to stay active despite pregnancy. Above all, swimming is good for the back. Because water lifts body weight and helps muscles strengthen without being forced. Walking and gymnastics also help you stay fit and flexible. Be especially careful not to force yourself in sports activities! If you haven’t done any exercises until now, you should start slowly and you should give enough breaks.


In the meal do not suffice to very

"Pregnant also on that should respect, that it not excessively increase", recommends Dr. Henrich. One needs to not to eat much more than otherwise only because one is pregnant. More important than the quantity the quality of the nourishment is. Dr. Henrich: "a weight increase of 7 to 14 kilos is normal in the pregnancy. Some women increase however 20 to 25 kilos, in part through considerable water enclosure rings or because they incorrectly nourish itself. That is a too high load for the spinal column. Back pain then unfortunately often are programmed."

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