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Goodbye passifier – all the world suffers from the passifier

A baby sucking a passifier is calmer, more relaxed and can sleep more easily. Satisfying an innate need for sucking with a thumb and a passifier plays an important role for parents who look at the future. With interesting advices to have the baby quit the passifier!
Babies show the need for sucking even in their mother’s womb. That is, for many the thumb is a trustwothy acquaintant with the help of whom they can calm down and relax. The body’s peculiar sucking aid generally creates less excitement in parent – however, they are right in their fears about the chin bone and uneven teeth.

Even the ancient Egiptians, before four thousand and five hundred years ago, knew and took into account the fact that babies are fond of sucking: Clay figures full of honey hung onto children’s necks used to passifiy the newborns of that time. In other civilisations parents used to use mushrooms, textile or plastic. Nobody wanted to give up the comfort of sucking and meanwhile the scientists found an explanation for this: While the baby was sucking, its body was producing more hormones and it was regulating digestion and on the other hand had a passifying and relaxing effect. For this reason, more or less everybody shared the same opinion about the fact that a baby should be sucking during the first months


Friend thumb: Be happy if it is early – be sorry if it is late!

The child’s thumb is alvays at hand but this has serious disadventages: this neither "gets softer“ nor it’s shape is "suitable for the chin". Sucking the tumb very frequently has consequents in the chin area that can be most of the time very difficult to coorect. Specialists are warning against probable speech difficulties as well: Those who suck their thubs lisp. The reason is: Their own tongue prevents these children. Constantly breathing from the mouth – as it is frequently seen in children who suck their tumbs and who are passifier addicts – during the development process without being disturbed it prevents the tongue from “proceeding“ towards the palate. The S- and Z – sounds cause difficulty for children who have grown to be lisp. However, if the child gives up sucking a passifier or his tumb during the age of two or three, the growth of the child’s chin can balance probable damage.

The entire world is suffering from the passifier.
When the thumb disappears as the passifier, the old friend passifier becomes a good reserve. Because most parents are on the werge of a nervous break-down due to their screaming babies, most people cherish “satisfied“ babies who are peacefully sucking passifiers and willingly grab hold of the savior passifier. However, in some cases, it is not that easy to get rid of that itakes or silicone piece that was an ally once. Even a passifier is suitable for the chin structure and has less harmful effects after the age of three compared to thumb sucking, still the “Constantly dripping water can pierce a sone“ rule applies here. Those who are fond of sucking are under the threat of “sucking open biting“, that is the contact between the upper and lower chins is lost.


Imaginative type to the Schnullerentwöhnung:

Between that 2nd and the 3rd year of life Schnullers days are counted friend. For the older your child becomes, the more difficult it lets itself the dearly won custom Schnullernuckeln (or more badly: Daumenlutschen) again abgewöhnen.
Unpleasant sequence: on duration and with progressive age, tooth and Kieferfehlstellungen threaten.

The Schnuller must therefore, by times away! But how? Basically applies to the parents: they need patience. It is not normal, that the departure on attempt klappt. A separation of dear habits needs just its time.

Teddy & comfort: competition for the Schnuller

He who has an especially long breath, can the Nuckellust of its child longer-term the water abgraben. Accustom yourself to let the Schnuller in Quengeln or tiredness first once out of the game. A round snuggle or the hot love Teddy in the arm, a little story or a new Schmusedecke – the list of the possibilities to cut out the Schnuller as a comforter, is entirely quite long.


"That goes broken..." – many children throw away it then voluntarily
Between that 1st and the 2nd year of life the Schnuller can be removed frequently through aimed attempts. That helps naturally only if the child an entire Schnuller-arsenal does not stand to the decree, out of that again "would heal Schnuller after growth". Prick for example a hole in the Sauger – in the Nuckeln escapes makes the air and the Nuckeln no joke more. They can the Schnuller of also each 2nd or 3rd day a few more shortly cut. The Schnuller in the mouth utilizes nothing more, the child can retain it another while with itself until it becomes uninteresting and it hurls it possibly even itself into the rubbish.
You are yet much too large for a Schnuller!"
Age trick that pulls above all in two-year and children with older siblings. At the target date birthday many little feel packed in the honor and give its Schnuller gladly here. At night in the Bettchen, that regret then its hasty deal. Set yourself cunningly to a couple of round of talks: the birthday fairy or the christmas man who have the Schnuller eingesackt, can be called and move yes the Schnuller then once again for a night out. Importantly at the same time: letting you the subject "Schnuller or Schnuller" not dominant become not. Offer for the feelings of the child (z. B. anxiety in the night), that behind the comfort that which is sought stick, alternative on. That can be a song or remains openly stand the door a column o. ä.


The SchnullerFairy: Nuckel against favorite gift trades

Each child carries fulfill lets herself an urgent wish with itself around, that in the exchange against the Schnuller over night. Packed into an exciting ritual (wish list formulate let, including Nuckel evenings before the door put), the comfortable lets itself (gift!) with the useful (Tschüss Schnuller) well connect. The child demands then again after the Schnuller, you can propose it to exchange its gift again in the Schnullerfee against the Schnuller again. The least children explain themselves in addition ready. That is yes, that doll quite new to yield the scooter o. ä. again, to need against the avowal, another Schnuller..

A modified form of the Schnullerentwöhnung is a little gift for each schnullerfreie night. Advantage at the same time: a step is each schnullerfreie night forwards toward Schnullerentwöhnung. Disadvantage at the same time: many children see through the deal and use it for itself: each night a replacement must for the Schnuller here then..


Animal children need also a Schnuller
Many children can be packed in its social conscience: they are to be helped always ready and the here gift of its Schnullers for entirely little bird children rabbit children or horse children nominally, who require it nominally urgently, it lets heroic over itself out growth. To hold out help orderly praising for so much use and that of the parents "transmitted" hot thanks to the animal mother.

Sometimes the reason wins already
It agrees already: older children let themselves much less well from tricks if it concerns Schnuller- or Daumenentwöhnung. For that many react however already astonishingly rationally if one explains the negative sequences of the Nuckelns to them. Many children understand and accept the Schnuller-loss sooner if they notice, that the parents have a sound reason to abolish the Schnuller. It is especially favorable herewith if the Schnullerentwöhnung fells into the "Warum"-Phase.

You should remain let traditional measures as well as coating of thumb or Schnuller with unpleasant tasting substances or binding of the hands rather. Would in this manner you not want yourself certainly also the Kaffeetrinken abgewöhnen, or?


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