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A study shows that: Babies even as young as twelve months receive "emotional information" through TV and act accordingly

Mothers should pay attention to what the TV tells their babies. Because, for a one-year-old the TV world is not less realistic than the real world. They process the information shown on TV and their actions get affected by them. This is revealed in a study by psychologist Donna Mumme published in the "Child Development" specialist bulletin.

Experiment: Education through TV
The psychologist, in cooperation with Anne Fernald of Stanford University, tried to answer the question: What do babies learn when they observe their parents in certain actions and how much attention they pay to TV in the same place? Mumme, specialist for nonverbal communication in children and Fernald carried out two researches for ten to twelve-month-old babies for two hours. They had prepared a video cassette in which the actor displayed different reactions towards various objects in front of him. The actor, displayed his feelings with positive, negative or neutral reactions to the objects with the help of his facial expression and voice. And he ignored some objects. Among the objects were a blue ball and a piece of a yellow hose.
Result: Babies react to TV


After the video cassette was shown on TV the same objects are given to the pabies to play with. If the actor on TV shows positive or neutral reaction to the object in question, the baby plays with it happily. It was observed that babies keep away from objects the actor reacts in a negative way and they play with others. Psychologists draw the conclusion that, babies make their decisions according to the emotional reactions of grown-ups around them. These also include information coming through TV.

Television - is attractive only after the tenth month

The study suggests that the ability to learn through TV developes only between the tenth and the twelvth months. Because in tests carried out with ten-month-old babies these type of reactions are not observed: They played with toys regardless of the feeling conveyed by the actor on TV. "So, parents should think twice before they speak with a stong ton of voice in front of their children and they shouldn‘t let their children watch TV programs that do not suit their age", adds Mumme.


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