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Tips and Tricks

Of course there is neither a diet to protect a child against deseases nor a diet that can help an ill child to recover. However, a child who is correctly and well-nourished, can protect himself/herself against diseases in the best way possible. How can we send healthy food to the tiny stomachs?
It is difficult to put in practice a nutritious and well-balanced diet plan for childrrn who are already healthy. But, things can can be more difficult when your child doesn't feel well, whether it is a child suffering from a relatively “harmless“ summer diarrhea, or has to undergo an opration or chemoterapy. A few simple tips and tricks (introduced by experienced parents and experts), which can immensely facilitate the difficult situation you are in. Our tips are taken from the book titled "Eating, enjoying, recovering“, which you can order for a low price:

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Your child is feeling unwell, maybe he is having diarrhea or he had vomited and you think that he has to eat something again. We help you on this subject: without forcing, arguing and lose of respect.


Small portion, vast patience...

A person, who is already feeling unwell, would only feel worse with a fatty heap in his plate. Besides, parents are inclined to keep the amount necessary for their children a bit higher. Give your child small portions more frequently, these can be lukewarm or cold. And forget about power debates over food. If your xchild likes milkshake, keep only that ready in the fridge, ok?

Pay attention to the sensitive child’s nose

Stay away from food such as too sweet or very spcy food that have an intensive smell, for example, butter, fatty or fried food. Your child shouldn’t be forced to eat in a place which is filled with intensive smell of food or a place that is very hot. Tight clothes and even very small particles of vomit can put him/her off. If necessary the best to do is to change the sheets and his clothes. Provide regular and proper ventilation.

Is your child more energetic in the morning?

Then, make use of the favour of time and prepare him/her a really delicious breakfast. With the help of your luck you can always prepare a course rich in nutrients. Eliminate the food that your child doesn’t like or tolerate.


Drinking causes Völlegefühl
offering it directly before the meal and in the meal no drinks on because these cause the feeling of a full stomach. Between the meals, the child should drink to be sure much. Straws be fun and see jolly from.

Generally the eye eats with!
Let yourself always witty ideas occur, receives that the joy in the meal. End of a fruit with eingedrückten raisin becomes flight a jolly-kauziges face.

"Adventure eating "
– Even the child is! He who gets preceded always everything, tends to the Nörgeln. Include therefore larger children (as far as it healthy enough are) in the Essenmachen with. That goes off in the selection of the courts and can go to the purchase and to the preparation of the meal. Our type: change you also once the place at which eaten becomes. Brought in rituals are at most something for older persons. Children love change and new ideas.

To the termination another type, with which we appeal at your compromise capacity: most children like would yield, well durchgegarte foods. Place them then no stones into the way, but rather grasp by request to soft bread and softem pulp. If this meal contains no longer sufficient vitamins, you can in special felling after arrangement with the physician (caution before interactions with medicines!) Mineral materials and vitamins in tray form or capsule form dispense.


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