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Infectious disease, toxoplasmosis, might pause a serious threat for your unborn child.

Especially disturbing: You may not be affected from this at all. Who is under threat and how can you protect yourself?

A single-cell-parasite, Toxoplasma gondii, causes Toxoplamosis. As in Malaria viruses, in toxoplasmosis too there are spor animalcules that multiply thanks to a complex development cycle either with sex or sexless. The virus hides in the muscles, spleen, liver or brain of the intermediary bodies (birds, rats, dogs, rabbits and humanbeings) as sexless permanent stages and the only end body is the cat. Cats discard the infection causing stages of the virus with their feces. This way, toxoplasmoses appear everywhere around us: They can be found in the earth, in the grass or in the garden. Thanks to their high resistance they can remain effective to cause infection for years.


Those infected generally don’t understand anything

A toxoplasmosis generally passes away with harmless and unnoticed symptoms. Some people may display complaints similar to flu: They feel tired, have headache, slightly swollen limph nodes, slight fever, feeling unwell, diarrhea or pain in the joints. Most of those who are affected don’t feel anything related to the infection. So a toxoplasma infection doesn’t play a part for a humanbeing after birth, this way, 80 % of humanbeings are already infected with Toxoplasma gondii.

The mother’s antibodies will protect the baby. There is no need for a pregnant woman, who got infected with the virus anytime in her life, to worry about her unborn baby. Her antibodies will effectively protect the fetus. The condition of a mother who wasn’t infected until that time and got infected during her pregnancy for the first time is different. In this case her body doesn't have the time to develop the protective anibodies. In this case the virus might be harmful to the baby: A toxoplasma infection can cause deformations (hydrocephaly, eye inflamation, cerebral problems) during the prenatal stage, handicaps (mental handicaps, speaking and eye sight disorders) and even still births. Toxoplasmas can threaten the fetus not only after the 16th week, as is being read generally, but in case of an initial infection, via the umbilical cord and the placenta as well.

It is important to know that: During a pregnancy a toxoplasma is only dangerous if the infection appears during the pregnancy.

Early contagion is climbs more badly with advancing of the pregnancy for the child the risk, infects to become. While in the first third only 4 to 15 percent of the children infect itself, will transfer percent of the first infections of the mother in the last third even 60 to the unborn. Nevertheless the infections in the first third of the pregnancy very much are rarer, pass it for the child substantially more dangerously. Sometimes it comes quickly to a false birth. The becoming mother registers the infection on the other hand, like all remaining persons, hardly.

Very important:

Are you not infects, but pregnant? Then they pay attention to engmaschige inspections!

How can you protect yourself? You assessed with one of the first investigations at your physician that you do not infect negatively, therefore and are therewith without protecting antibodies, exist on regular examinations with respect to a first infection. Only so you can stop the infection of your baby on time: in the trap of an early recognition prescribes you your physician antibiotics and or Sulfonamide that would remove the pathogen and prevent a damage of your unborn baby. In the first pregnancy third, eyelid-antibiotics are used exclusively so named macro. From that 16. week a combination of a Sulfonamids, a Malariamittels and Folsäure to the use comes usually.


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