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Well-educated parents

Why? 'Alert' parents seldom have their children vaccinated?

In actual fact, well-educated parents are expected to have their children vaccinated against infectious diseases to be on the safe side. However, no, especially this group of parants by-pass vaccin ptotection. Normally doktors think that health attitude improves as level of education increases – but it is just the opposite when it comes to vaccination reports Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Berlin, referring to a study carried out with 464 parents in Munich.

Parents with higher education do not pay attention to having their children vaccinated frequently.
Here is the Institute’s explanation: In higher educational level the social distance for a doctor shortens and the doctor’s recommendations are not accepted without criticism.

Eksik aşı koruması:

In the group where parents don’t have their children vaccinated against measles, protitis and rubella, the majority (60 %), in many cases find “the methods of Alternative medicine better compared to the methods od academic medicine“. Among those who approve vaccination, however, only one out of three people shares this view. In the former federal states in overall, children are vaccinated 89,7 % againt measles, 89,3 % against parotitis and 82,1 % against rubella while enrolling in schools. The Institute states that these ratios are a bit lower in Munich and Bavaria.




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