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The Pregnant is redecorating. Redecoration during pregnancy is a health risk

Redecoration during pregnancy is a health risk for the baby,
This may cause infectious deseases or allergies later on. That is, dear ladies, whether you don’t like it: get your hands off the brush and the spatula.
"A woman can take care of herself!" say some pregnant women to themselves and in delight they start redecorating the future baby’s room. They repaint it or cover the walls with wall paper, lay a carpet, buy new furniture. For the baby to feel as comfortable as possible starting from the first day everything should look pale and cute. This eagerness has a price: If redecoration is being done during pregnancy or a short period after the baby is born, then, in the first months of his life this can cause irritation in the respiratory channels and can cause respiratory channel diseases.

For the first time it is proven that the children’s immune system – even in the mother’s body- can be affected by redecorating activities, in such a way that they can get infectious diesases and allergies more easily. Due to eveporation released by every redecoration, painting, adhesive substances, carpets and new furniture and the amount of chemicals in the interior atmosphere also increases.

Researchers from Leipzig have suggested with a new research that, there were functional changes in the immune system of newborn babies, whose parents were involved in redecoration during pregnancy. These especially affect T-Lymphocyte. These are cells that produce special transfer substances and therefore control the immune system’s reaction after contact with stimulants or allergy causing agents.

It was found that in the umbilical cord of these children the ratio of Th1-subsidiary cells was low. These help fight agents such as viruses that have entered the body effectively. Also, they prevent the the formation of over allergic reactions caused by allergens such as pollens.

That it a connection purports between renovation activities shortly or after the birth and appearing allergies in the later life became already in earlier studies observed, that were carried out by the environment research center in Leipzig jointly with institutes and clinics of the medical faculty of the University of Leipzig.

The new results that emerged in a study at the scientist out of clinics and research institutions in Leipzig, Munich, Wesel, bath Honnef and Jena involved are, can deliver now an explanation why after the renovating the allergy risk can increase.

The ausdünstenden chemicals weaken just those cells of our immune system that can protect against allergic reactions.

Also the recognition is new that the effect of these chemicals can use already in the pregnancy and possibly through it already in the mother body the bases are put for a later disease of the child.


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